Parents of ROGD kids in Finland

Sasha Ayad

A therapists advice for parents of gender-questioning teens

 How to BE With Your Child  
 Creating Safety Around the Topic of Gender
 Gently Challenging and Planting Seeds of Doubt 

Lisa Marchiano

Podcasts för föräldrar med barn med könsidentites problem.

".. and many seemed to come out as trans along with close peers, or in the context of increased social media use. These patterns seemed to indicate that social contagion might be a factor..."


 Gruppen har ambitionen att påverka/ ändra medicinsk praxis för barn med köndysfori.

"Working to change the system

that failed our kids"

GENID Skandinavia


Gender Identity Challenge - Skandinavia. 802519-9087

Bankgiro: 5337-7321

Swish: 1235403357