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Ever more parents feel that their child wants to change their gender without previous evidence of gender icongruence. We wonder what has brought this about and how to deal with this phenomenon generally refered to as Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria - ROGD

Anonymized ROGD

and its associated events

12 min video

English subtitles

 "Transtrain I&II follow up"

Swedish TV "Uppdrag Gransknig" 

The third documentary   

14 min video .

English subtitles

"What we know"

Stella O'Malley explains basics of ROGD

Genspect webinar with Lisa Littman, David Bell & Parent 

 "The Transtrain  I and

the teenage girls"

Swedish TV "Uppdrag Gransknig" investigating documentary about how young girls can have their lives wrecked by the Helath Service.

(also available for download here)


English subtitles

English subtitles

Transtrain II

also download here

English subtitles

Transtrain III

"The Transchildren"

Common false statements,  myths:

"Persons with gender dysphoria have brains more similar to the preferred gender"

"Very few regret their gender transition"

The health care service must help children/ adolescents to affirmative "preffered gender" treatment because of the risk of suicide and to improve their "quality of life".

Avalanche of gender dysphoria in Sweden

Boys debute a few years after girls

Reproduced from  the Swedish "National Board of Health and Welfare" report

(Salmi, P, & Berlin, M.

feb 2020


Children and young should be secure in their own bodies 

Did your childs behaviour change? 

(...did your child start to isolate from friends and next of kin)


(....Is your child sad, angry or "closed up"?)


First, do no harm!

primum non nocere



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